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Archive for August, 2008

You know its quiet when…

… you check 3down (an MIT term) to make sure email is working! Two hours has gone by and I have not received one email. That is unheard of. Email, though, is not down.

Clearly this week is a very popular vacation week. Traffic has been lighter than it has ever been – both coming and going (now let me go check to make sure I haven’t jinxed myself). It’s been sweet….

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I haven’t skipped town…

… I just don’t really have anything to say!

I realize its been awhile since I posted but its because I keep thinking and thinking and there just isn’t anything all that interesting going on in my life right now. I’ll throw a few things out there, though, just ’cause…

On the home front: our latest inside project is stripping what we believe to be two layers of wallpaper which the previous owners painted over in the hallway/living room. If you’re asking “What were they thinking?”, I will tell you that I do not know. To add to the difficulty, they also did not prime the walls so the paper was glued directly to the wall board. Yeah, I bet you’re imagining how much fun we’re having with that one!

Outside, I’ve determined, is a never ending project. Lots of beautiful trees, shrubs, bushes, etc., but all of those require upkeep. I enjoy the great outdoors this time of year but I think things are growing three times faster because of all the rain we’ve had. Which also makes it extremely difficult to keep up with since the rain seems to know what time I leave work at the end of the day and comes as I’m driving home therefore drenching everything, making it that much more difficult to find the time to maintain. On the bright side, we did get the chance to remove a holly bush that was in the front yard, along the driveway, that was completely lopsided. We’re going to fill in with some dirt and extend the grass which will look pretty and it really opened up the front yard!

I also saw a deer one day last week. I haven’t seen one all summer so that was cool!

On the work front? Busy. Very busy. I realized this morning that no one calls or stops by with just one simple request anymore. Most have at least two requests, often more and rarely are any of them simple. If nothing else, it sure does make the day go by quickly!

Family you ask? No, you know better than to ask that! But seriously… yesterday, we went to a bbq at my brother’s house to celebrate my dad’s 75th birthday! It doesn’t seem possible that my father is actually 75! My nephew thinks its hysterical! Happy Birthday, Dad!

My cousin was there with her two boys. Her oldest is 14 years old. He’s taller than me. I’m 5’7″. Holy cr@p that’s going to be one very tall boy. He wants to try out for football but I’m thinking basketball but be a bit more fitting!

Lastly, a realization about blogging. I have a few blogs that I follow that, somewhere along the road, I picked up either by fumbling around this world we call the internet or through side bars on one of my friend’s blogs. Right now, one of the ladies that I follow is having a hard time in her marriage of nearly 25 years. Things are not good right now and she’s not sure why and what to do to make things better. I don’t have any answers and my heart aches for her (maybe cause I’ve been married 20 years and couldn’t even imagine being her?) but I ask myself “How can that be? You don’t even know this woman?” Has that ever happened to you? Is there something wrong with me?

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