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I’m back

Whoever came up with that vacation concept was right on track! I could do that more often, ya know!

We spent the first several days packing and we really got a lot accomplished. This included moving firewood to my mother-in-laws house – some of which will stay there and some of which will go to the new house once we settle in. The attic is empty, save a few pieces of furniture that need to come down. One of the fridges will also go to the MIL’s, the other will go in the garage in the new house as they’re leaving the one that’s there. The microwave goes to a niece, the washer and dryer are being purchased by the buyers and the spare bedroom set is going to friends tonight.

My new house is going to feel pretty empty. We’ve decided that our current bedroom set will go in the second bedroom and we’ll buy a new set (with a king size bed!!!) once we paint the master bedroom. The desk will be set up in the third bedroom. Our living room set is going in the family room downstairs which leaves only two recliners and some end tables for the living room. I don’t have a dining room set (well, at least not a “formal” set – what we have is going in the great room) so that’s going to be empty, too.

Yikes, I’m going to need a second job just to be able to furnish my home! What fun it’s going to be though!

The countdown is now on! August 24th can not get here soon enough. Relieved as I am now that the P&Ss are signed, I’m going to feel a whole lot better once I have the keys in hand!

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Ahhhhh… I can breathe again! We signed the purchase and sales on both houses last night. I can not begin to explain what a relief that is! The truth is that everything happened right on schedule but I guess I’m just not a very patient person because I had really hoped that things would go ahead of schedule. It’s okay, though. It’s done. I’m relieved.

I failed to mention through all of this that, in addition to selling and buying a home, I was dealing with moving our new group into our digs over here in Tech Square. It was only 11 people but it included coordinating the furniture people who were reconfiguring the space, the IS&T people moving wires, the moving people bringing in crates then doing the actual move, etc. That all happened over the past two days and that, too, is done. Well, sort of. Now it’s the “I need this” and “I don’t like that” garbage that I get to listen to.

Did I mention that I’m on vacation next week? No? Silly me. I can not tell you how much I am looking forward to this vacation. I am mentally exhausted. Two “moves” in one week? Uh uh. No one should have to do that. I will sleep tomorrow. Late. Then I will pack and then I will venture up to Maine for some much needed r&r.

Life is good. I am very happy! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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The waiting game

Yes, we continue to wait for final confirmation. The inspection at our house went well with the exception that the electricity went out on the entire street before they could finish so they had to come back the next day. The buyers stopped by over the weekend to check out the sprinkler system in action. The lawyers agreed on the Purchase & Sale and that was sent to their realtor Monday. It’s Wednesday. We’re still waiting…

They did the Title V inspection at the new house on Monday. Everything was fine. They tore up very little grass. The sellers were very relieved about that. We have the Purchase & Sale on that house ready to sign but we won’t do that until they sign the one on our house.

Our buyers have to sign by tomorrow but we were truly hoping that they would just do it early so everyone would know for sure but they haven’t. The waiting is really, really painful.

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The waiting…

… is painful. Very painful.

We put an offer in on the house Friday night. We went back and forth with the sellers all day Saturday, into Saturday night. We agreed on the price but we want the septic tank inspected (long story but the current Title V expires the day AFTER we’re supposed to close so by law, the sellers do not have to have it done). The seller does not want to tear up his lawn. These people have some beautiful plantings in their yard but their lawn is not grass. It is weeds. If all goes well (which it should, they’ve always maintained it) they won’t be there anyways. We finally came to the agreement that they’d have it done but would not be responsible for fixing the lawn where they have to dig. So we got a verbal agreement Saturday night and I was told last night that they signed the formal offer and I’ll have a copy at my house today.

Also at my house today will be our buyers inspection. I can’t imagine that anything is going to be so horribly wrong that they won’t want to buy it but my nerves are taking a real beating! Fortunately, the inspection is at 8:30 a.m. Hopefully, I’ll hear something by early afternoon although I’m told some buyers like to take the report home and think on it overnight. Let’s hope our buyers don’t want to do that.

Once we know how ours goes, we’ll have to schedule one for our new house. This is all very nerve wracking (albeit exciting)!

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It is with mixed emotion…

…that I must inform you that we sold our house. Yes. 3+ weeks and we sold our house last night! I’m excited. I’m sad. I’m anxious. I’m nervous. Yup, mixed emotions for sure!

I’m excited for the people that are buying our house. It’s sounds like it’s a young, newly wed couple purchasing their first home and I’m sure they’re going to love it!

I’m sad because I do love my house. We’ve lived there just under six years but I am very, very attached to it.

I’m anxious because I have this strange feeling of being homeless. Of course, we’ll only sell pending our finding housing and the house we really, really like in North Reading is still available and we’re told that the buyers are “very motivated to sell”. We’re going back for a second look this afternoon.

Still, I’m nervous. My house is sold and I have nowhere to go.

What have we done????

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