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Enough already

If this is a joke, it is a really cruel one. Its snowing. Again.

I awoke this morning and looked out the window to find a good inch of (unexpected) snow on the ground. “Its blown threw”, the weatherwoman says. I’m at work now. Its snowing.

On Tuesday, they predicted a “mostly rain event”. I drove home it what appeared to be a blizzard (which did eventually turn to rain but come on!)

Tomorrow’s forecast? Snow likely in the evening…then snow after midnight.

Enough already.

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Only in New England

I’m working from home this afternoon as I sit looking at the latest round of winter weather hitting New England. We were just starting to see the grass again and now they’re predicting another 9″ or so.

How bizarre is this though? While I sit here watching the storm, the hubby and a buddy of ours have started installing the central air conditioning. Well, he was a boy scout and was taught to “be prepared”. Maybe the spring season will notice what’s going on inside the house and get the hint!

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Beam me up, Scotty…

… there’s no intelligent life down here. (I know, its old, but its really how I feel these days.)

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We went bowling this weekend. We hadn’t been bowling in many, many years and I must say that I forgot how much fun it is!

I also learned last week that the candlepin bowling that we do here in New England is pretty much exclusive to our area. For all my loyal followers who are not familiar, here is what candlepins (someone also referred to them as duck pins. huh???) look like:

Candlepin bowling pins

Before you ask – no, we don’t get to use that huge ball to knock over the skinny pins. Here is the ball size, in relation to the pins:


When Brian and I were dating (yeah, in the dark ages!) we belonged to a league. I must say, it was almost like riding a bicycle – once you got going, it was like you’d never stopped.

Brenda and Jay went with us, too. Brenda hated it. Every time she went to throw the ball, she felt like she was going to fall over. I don’t quite get that but she has vowed to be our score keeper from now on!

Brian and I tied for the win on the first string. Brenda didn’t play the second string but I beat both Brian and Jay on that one! Yup! They got beat by a girl (and of course, you know that did not go unmentioned)!

So, that was fun. I’d like to make it a habit to continue practicing and maybe, just maybe, someday we’ll be good enough to join a league again! If this isn’t something you’ve tried recently, I highly recommend it! For those with small children, they now have “bumpers” (hey, they didn’t have those when I was a kid!) so they’re able to stay focused better because every ball they throw doesn’t end up in the gutter.

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What the puck?!?!?!

I took Friday off. One day. That’s all. Why, then, has my phone, email, revolving door (well, it would be revolving, if there was one there) not stopped since I got here???


To Ben’s note. This post is (surprisingly) in no reference to the Patriots game last night. I was trying to be nice here by not actually saying “What the f*ck” which is truly what was going through my mind.

That’s not nice language and to even discuss the turn of events in last nights Super Bowl would only have me digging my hole to h#ll that much deeper so I’ll refrain.

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