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Kitchen update

Sorry I’ve been away for awhile. I’ve been busy. Really busy but I won’t bore you with the details.

I did want to take the time, though, to give you an update on the kitchen (which would be reason #1 for why I’m so busy).

Over the holiday break, we started the demolition of the kitchen. It was a lot of work for hubby and I, but we did it!

Yesterday, our new cabinets arrived:

The majority of them, though, are being “stored” downstairs until our carpenter comes back on Friday:

Normal people would probably just stack them there and leave them uncovered but normal people don’t have an abnormal cat like we do:

Took him all of… oh…. 30 seconds to find his new sleeping spot!

One of the biggest changes in the new kitchen is going to be the “wall cupboard”. Basically, the wall between the kitchen and dining room had been turned into a cupboard. Its great for storing your cereal, cat food (of course!) and canned goods. Currently, it has sliding doors on it:

I’m not sure if you can make this out here, but we’ll be removing those doors and we ordered just cabinet faces to go on that wall. Our carpenter (who is awesome!) will build a new cabinet and hang the faces over it:

Its still a tad stressful but I am really, really glad things are starting to come together!!!!!

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