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Archive for March, 2009

Happy Spring!

Yes, its 35 degrees outside and felt more like 12 when I was walking back from lunch but they’re telling me its Spring and I’m believing it! Woohoo!

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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

The sun is shining, Spring is just a wee three days from now and everyone gets to be Irish today!

I ask you – does life get any better than this???

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Who’s the techie?

I am now the official owner of not one, but two, iPods. Yes, me!

You may recall I received an iPod touch awhile back. Well, I just purchased an iPod shuffle (no, not the BRAND new one – I have no patience and decided I wanted one and Radio Shack is just up the road from here) for myself. I can not get over how small this thing is – and the newest one is even smaller? Oh, yeah, I could see myself losing that sucker in about 30 seconds.

This is cool, though! Very, very sweet!

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Uncle $am $uck$

That is all.

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The tax-man cometh

I have to leave work a tad bit early today to go pick up hubby so we can go have our taxes done. This is not something I am looking forward to.

I had extra money taken out of my paycheck every week this year so that should help, right? I also won an award and my institute is conscientious enough that they give you a substantial enough amount so that when Uncle Sam gets done taking his share, you can still take your family to Mickey-D’s. Uncle Sam did just what he’s known to do and took over 40% of the money. One would think that he’d also have a conscience and say to himself, “My, what have I done here? She was DESERVING of that money. Now I feel bad. I’ll give her some back now.” People look at me funny when I suggest that. What do you think?

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A sign of the times?

Or am I just a jinx?

I subscribe to three magazines. Two of them are “homey-type” and one is a recipe/cooking tips magazine. About a week ago, I received one of the homey-type editions and it was accompanied by a note that they will no longer be publishing.

Yesterday, I received the recipe/cooking tips magazine which was also accompanied by a note that they will no longer be publishing.

Jeepers. With all the magazines out there, what are the odds that two of the three that I subscribe to would stop publishing??? Is this a common occurrence these days? If not, and any of my readers publish their own magazine, please let me know now. I promise I will not subscribe to it!

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