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Thank you, Mother Nature

We got rain yesterday. They’re predicting 1 to 3 inches of additional rain today. Considering they say that 1 inch of rain is the equivalent of 1 foot of snow, I would like to take a moment to say, “Thank you, Mother Nature!”

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Its Friday. I love Fridays! There really should be more of them.

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Its me! Frosty!

So, my humanz seem to think that youz guyz are interested in stuff other than me and I’m afraid you’z losing interest because they’z posting silly stuff about shoez and our house and stuff so I decided I’d better step in here before youz all find some other place to hang out!

So, those humanz of mine? They’z pretty cool, really! They’z always giving me these soft, cuddly places to sleep (which is my absolutely-positively-most-favorite-thing-in-the-world, except when they’z trying to sleep!) so this is where I’z been hanging out theze dayz:


That’z the new chair they put in our living room!

Okay I iz awake, now!


I iz is all rested and ready to watch Animal Planet. Must change the channel:


Uh ohz! I don’t have thumbz! Could ya stops over and help me out?!?!?!

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You may or may not know this about me but I am a shoe fanatic. I love shoes. Sneakers. Flip-flops. Dressy. Casual. Goofy. Does not matter. I love them all!

However, the “frugal” side of me prevents me from spending a lot of money on shoes. My thinking goes something like this… if I spend A LOT of money on shoes, I’d probably only purchase a couple pairs a year. However, if I bargain shop, then I can easily justify buying lots and lots of pairs in a year!

So, at that, I’ve have always, always, always wanted a pair of these from L.L. B3an:


The only problem is that they cost $74. Out of my price range for shoes. So, my MIL and I did some other shopping at L.L. B3an and we each got a $10 coupon off a future purchase. Soooo…. I suggested to Brian that I could buy those for myself – for just $54 – and they could be one of my Christmas gifts!!!! Aren’t I soooo good to help him out, seeings as how he hates to shop!?!?!?!

So… yesterday, I headed back to L.L. B3an to return what I’d originally purchased (when I got the $10 coupon to begin with – you still with me???) So, of course, the lure of the shoe department was just too much and I was immediately drawn and, guess what!?!?!?! You ready for this??? L.L. B3an was having a sale!!!!!!!

So, I got these:


Also, $74 shoes. ‘Course, by now, you know I didn’t pay $74 for them but are you ready for this???? Are you sitting down???? $17.99! No, your eyes are not deceiving you. I got $74 L.L. B3an shoes for $17.99!!!!! Woohoo!

I left that store yesterday, not only with another brand new pair of L.L. B3an shoes but… I had more money in my wallet when I left than when I went in.

Can you say “woohoo”!?!?!?!?!

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