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Archive for June, 2008

Fire flies

Last night, we were sitting out on our deck enjoying a beautiful New England summer evening when my husband suddenly yelled, “fire fly!” I chuckled. Seconds later, he again yelled, “fire fly!” So I turned and looked off into the woods and, sure as heck, there were fire flies lighting up all over!

I don’t know that I’ve ever actually witnessed fire flies in action. Hubby informed me that, when they were small and would go camping with their cousins, this was a game of sorts where everyone would yell “fire fly” when they would see one. I thought that was really cute!

Course, if he knew how to access this blog, he just might shoot me for posting this for all to see, but he can’t, so I can! Hee!

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You’ll find me shoveling the pollen

Holy cr@p! This is our first spring in the new house up in the “country”. I have never seen so much pollen in my life! I was walking through the yard yesterday to water the flowers and had to roll the bottom of my jeans up and wash the green off my feet and flip-flops when I was done! I was joking with hubby that if it gets any worse, we’ll be shoveling it off the deck!

Good news – obviously, neither us of have allergies or it would make for one long spring!

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Commencement 2008

Tomorrow is Commencement at MIT. I am volunteering for the first time. Yesterday, we had the “rehearsal”. I have never given any thought to the amount of work that goes into pulling this thing off.

How they line up ~2500 hyper graduates in an auditorium, march them roughly 4 blocks to Killian Court and then get them to cross the stage and end up with THEIR OWN diploma baffles my mind!

I’ll be working in the auditorium where the initial line up is. I’m responsible for the biology department. Please cross your fingers that there are not too many biology grads, as I’m told your group can range from 5 – 60 graduates to organize.

The good news is that they will got through two additional “check points” before they actually walk across the stage to receive their diplomas so I guess if someone from my group should be out of order, I won’t have to take full responsibility!

Wish me luck and wish for good weather, okay?!?!?!?!

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I’m back

Going on vacation is so nice! Coming back? Stinks.

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