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Archive for September, 2004

He’s crazy!

Our little Frosty is such an entertaining little man! On Saturday, my brother-in-law came in from Vegas for a surprise birthday party for my other brother-in-law and we had him hiding out at our house. Brian had to be somewhere and I had errands to do so Tom said that he was content with just chilling out for awhile so I left for about 30 minutes. When I returned, Tom informed me that “that cat is crazy!” (which, of course, we knew!). Apparently, he ran in circles, chased air, and ran up and down from window sills the entire time I was gone!

Then yesterday, our good friends Brenda and Jay stopped by for a visit. Again, Brian had to go somewhere so he went out through the garage door downstairs. Well, as we also know, Frosty doesn’t like it when we leave him so he was downstairs having a meowing fit (and he is VERY loud cause he’s deaf). Jay was like “what’s wrong with him? does he need food?” and I said “no, he’s upset because Brian left”. After a few more minutes, he couldn’t take it anymore and he said to me “Would you PLEASE go down and let him know you’re home???” It’s so nice to be loved!

Then, of course, he decided to perform for Brenda and Jay. For some reason (one friend says maybe cause he lived in the streets early on and had to drink out of puddles???) when you give him fresh water, he goes over to the bowl, whacks the side of it so the water spills out and proceeds to drink off the floor. Once he’s had a taste of it, he will then drink out of the bowl but those first few sips have to be of the floor.

Is he crazy, or what?????????

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