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What would you do for your cat?

Yikes!  And I thought Frosty was a wild and crazy dude!  Although, I guess it’s probably just as well we don’t let him out or we just might end up as jail “birds”, too!

Two more days until vacation!  Yay!  Yay!  Yay!

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Old friends, laughter and tears

On Saturday this weekend, I had breakfast with my dear friend Pam.  Pam and I have been friends for nearly 19 years now.  We worked together up until about 8 or so years ago.  Since, we’ve been able to stay in contact using the wonderful world of email and we try to get together at least twice a year.

We realized that this time, we’d let waaaaay too much time pass between visits.  As we started to catch up, I was telling her about Uncle Donald’s passing away last July and as I talked, my eyes began to well up.

After only about 10 minutes, as I was looking past Pam, I was certain that I saw Chuck (another person we used to work with) and sure enough, behind him came his wife, Michelle (she worked with us, too!).  We were soooo excited!  We both ran right over and Michelle gave me the biggest, bestest hug I’ve gotten in a long time – and needless to say, my eyes welled up again!  They had their two beautiful children, Samantha and Nicholas with them – such a sweet family!  I’ve known Michelle for even more years than Pam and I’m making a promise to myself that we will stay in touch, even though time separated us for a period.

So, back to the Pam/Mary catching up session.  After more random chatter, Pam proceeded to tell me that her little doggie, Onyx, also passed away last July.  The poor thing had a mass and there was nothing that could be done for him so they had to put him down.  Poor Onyx and poor Pam and Bruce.  My eyes welled up.

As we were sitting, there was an elderly couple sitting behind Pam.  I saw the gentleman get up from his seat and walk up behind Pam.  He took his thumb and finger and made a “pretend” gun with it and said “This is a stick up!”  Well…. if you could have seen Pam’s face – she nearly jumped out of her skin and the poor guy was obviously only joking – he just wanted to borrow our ketchup.  Needless to say, I laughed so hard, my eyes didn’t only well up – I was down right crying!!!  Since then, (this very moment included), I laugh every time I think of it.  You can imagine the looks I get from folks when I’m all by myself and just start randomly laughing!

It was a great visit and it reminded me of just how lucky I am to have such special people in my life! 

P.S.  Four more working days and I’m on vacation!  Yay!  Yay!  Yay!

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I simply love weekends!  This past one brought us lovely spring weather and that, to me, has such a calming effect!  Saturday, I got some things done around the house, with the windows open!  Sunday, I went to visit family for my 7 year old nieces birthday – oh, the sweet innocence of being 7!

And, even though I realize it’s only Monday, I now feel like I can say “I’ll be on vacation in 3 weeks!”  (We’ll be taking Memorial Day week but it just sounds soooo nice to say 3 weeks!).   We take that week every year and do our spring yard work (although we’re considering some bigger than usual changes in the yard this year so I’m not sure what we’ll be doing!).  Although, my old workmate/friend Jen is also scheduled to be back in this area that weekend so I’m really, really, really hoping I can catch up with her, too!

So, although I don’t want to wish this most wonderful time of year away, let’s go Friday!  I’m ready for another weekend!

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