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I simply love weekends!  This past one brought us lovely spring weather and that, to me, has such a calming effect!  Saturday, I got some things done around the house, with the windows open!  Sunday, I went to visit family for my 7 year old nieces birthday – oh, the sweet innocence of being 7!

And, even though I realize it’s only Monday, I now feel like I can say “I’ll be on vacation in 3 weeks!”  (We’ll be taking Memorial Day week but it just sounds soooo nice to say 3 weeks!).   We take that week every year and do our spring yard work (although we’re considering some bigger than usual changes in the yard this year so I’m not sure what we’ll be doing!).  Although, my old workmate/friend Jen is also scheduled to be back in this area that weekend so I’m really, really, really hoping I can catch up with her, too!

So, although I don’t want to wish this most wonderful time of year away, let’s go Friday!  I’m ready for another weekend!

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