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Bragging rights

Okay, so I’m not one to toot my own horn but I’m going to anyway. On Tuesday, I was notified that I had been nominated for and selected to receive an Infinite Mile Award at the Institute where I work. When I got the letter, I was all “Cool, l’il ol’ me got an Infinite Mile Award!” and I went about my usual business.

I had figured that the “big boss” had nominated me as he told me he had done so last year (but I wasn’t selected). In talking with “someone” yesterday (I could tell you who but then I’d have to kill you), I learned that it was actually someone on the administrative team in the Dean’s office that had done it. Now, I was all “Wow! All this time I’ve been trying to figure out how I fit in with this administrative team and now I know. Woohoo!”

Somehow, this just made the award more of an honor. Quoting the letter, it states (in part):

“You have been recognized as an outstanding contributor within the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education…. This award is not given lightly; you have reason to be proud of your accomplishments…”

Hee! L’il ol’ me got an Infinite Mile Award!

Not a bad way to end the week before you’re going on vacation! Woohoo! I’m going on vacation!

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Brake for Moose. It could save your life.

Okay, would someone please explain to me why someone would feel the need to put this bumper sticker on their car? Do people really believe there are people out there that would NOT brake for moose? I mean, what’s the alternative? Step on the gas and see how much damage it can do to your vehicle? Not to mention that you just might not survive a moose crashing through your windshield so you could actually see just how much damage was done. Please, enlighten me.

(I had a really bad day today and am in serious need of the upcoming – but not soon enough – vacation so maybe this just rubbed me the wrong way today, but seriously.)

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Friday. Finally.

This has been one long week. I am really, really glad that it is Friday. Two more weeks until vacation and I think the anticipation is just making time drag.

I am also taking a vacation day next Friday. We have family coming in from out of state and, although I don’t know what will be happening that day, I’m going to take it off anyways in case there’s something fun going on, I wouldn’t want to miss out! If not, a day to just hang out is fine with me, too.

So, let’s go – bring on the weekend! (my husband says I’m wishing my life away to which I respond “no, just the weekdays!”)

To all my mom friends out there – Happy Mother’s Day!

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Red fox and poison ivy

Those are the two latest things I’ve found in our yard.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the yard for all of 10 minutes. Brian was raking and I had some ornamental grass that I wanted to trim down. I did that and helped bag what had been raked up. I thought I had scratched my arms but in a couple of days realized that it was poison ivy. I’ve never had poison ivy before. I do not want poison ivy again.

While having lunch, I caught something moving in the backyard. It was a red fox. A baby red fox. Soooo cute! The lady next store came over and told us that the fox was running crazy between our yards and would then lie down as though it was sick but would get back up and run again. She was concerned it was rabid and me, not knowing what the heck a red fox does, went along with it. I put a call into animal control as I found it lying beside our shed as if it had died. Not long afterward, he was sitting there all perked up and a few minutes later was back to running through the woods again. The animal control officer did call me back (even though I left another message saying he’d gone back off into the woods) and told me that the pups are usually born between January and March and that it would not be uncommon for one to lay out in the grass and take a nap as they are extremely playful! I was so relieved because the excitement from when I’d seen him earlier to thinking that he might be sick really had me disappointed.

So, now I’ve seen deer, ducks and a red fox. I’ve been told that we also have a blue heron that comes to visit. That and the ducks apparently like the fish pond in our neighbors yard!

Have I mentioned that I really like this place?!?!?!?!

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Toy or machine?

We went shopping last night. I say we bought a toy. Hubby says we bought a “machine”.

John Deere

What do you think?

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