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Archive for January 24th, 2006

And the wait goes on….

Last week, we finally ordered a desk for our “home office”.  The
room has been ready for some time but we were just unable to find what
we wanted.  We could picture it – we just couldn’t find it!

We ended up ordering it out of a catalog – home desks aren’t something
that furniture stores display a very large selection of – but the
furniture store agreed to bring it in and we can decide when we see it
if we want it or not.   You can see a picture at this link:

I think we’ll like it, though.  There was one on display that was
made by the same company and the quality was good and I really think
I’ll be pleased with the shade of wood. 

It’s only supposed to take a week or so to come in.  I thought we
might have heard from them yesterday but since we didn’t, hopefully,
we’ll hear from them today.  Patience isn’t one of my strong

Assuming we like the desk, I’ll post photos of it set up in the room
once we get it (although the room probably won’t look as well put
together as the above photo).

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