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Archive for October 30th, 2006

Three strikes, you’re out!

Okay, I’ve now made three unsuccessful attempts in getting Shadow the the vet.  I just don’t understand – he was so much more well behaved than I would have ever expected when he
got his first shot last month.  Exactly what happened that he wants no part of his carrier???

Saturday, I had a plan.  Said plan failed, but I had a plan. 

I asked Brian not to give the cats any fresh food Saturday morning.  Instead, when I was ready to go (and I mean ready – shoes, coat, etc.) he would hide in the room where the carrier is.  I would put fresh food in the bowls, which always brings Shadow running, and I would go in for the scoop!  I would then call to Brian that I had him and we would calmly put him in the carrier and whisk him off for his shot!

Yeah, right.

Fill said food bowls.  Wait for Shadow to come running.  Hmmm….  Okay, he’s downstairs, maybe he didn’t hear it.  Shake box of food at top of stairs.  Wait for Shadow to come running.  Hmmm….  Still no Shadow.  Walk downstairs and find Shadow at the bottom of said stairs looking up with the “they’re up to something, I just know they are” look on his face.  Get within approximately 2 feet, bend down to pat and Shadow bolts and hides in his favorite hiding spot.

Call vet and cancel once again.  Would you like to reschedule?  they ask.  I must admit my surprise that this vet is so willing to continue to play this little game.  In fact, I have an “open” appointment next Saturday.  Any time I can get him there between 8:00 and 11:30, I’m welcome to come on in!

Imagine all this?!?!?!?!

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