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Archive for October 16th, 2006


That is what I have been.  We spent so much of our summer working in the backyard that I didn’t realize how neglectful I was being to the inside of my house.  Sure, the bathrooms were kept clean, dishes were done, laundry okay, vacuumed weekly, etc., but when it came to cleaning?  Nope, I was not doing it!  I did do some catching up this weekend, though.

The other thing we did this weekend was decide that we’re going to have a yard sale next weekend.  We’d talked about this previously but we had decided that it was just to hectic of a year so we were going to skip it.  What changed our minds?  When Brian’s uncle took ill, every time we would go to visit him, he would send us home with boxes and boxes of “stuff”.  Yesterday, we decided we were going to sort through the “stuff” and keep what we wanted to keep and trash what was trash.  Problem?  We really don’t want to keep much of it but I also wouldn’t classify it as “trash”.  So, that’s that!  The weather is calling for sunny and 60 which will be nice.  We’ve done these before and I really do enjoy them!  We’ll probably mention it to some of the neighbors in case they want to join in but it is pretty short notice!

Oh, well!  Should be fun!

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