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{ Daily Archives } Sunday, May 2004

Mosir: a GIS App in Squeak

Okay, I’m going to try to blog some more stuff that is harder for non-Japanese speakers to access due to the language barrier… I make no promises but…. Introducing Mosir a Map Viewing software built for Squeak. Features: Can read Japanese GSI data Can read USGS GTOPO30 data It’s 3-D Runs on Squeak (Seems to […]

Dante’s Inferno Audio (In Italian)

Now this is neat. A version of Dante’s Inferno I (The Divine Comedy) is available from this Italian website along with a reading in the original Italian (requires RealPlayer). Very neat. Check it out Thanks to Jerry Lerma’s Dante Page for bringing this up. He also made a map of The Simpsons if you’re interested.

Games and Education

The New York Times has an article about the intersection of Video Games and Education. In my opinion this is not really a brand new frontier. However, there definitely is synergy (oh yeah there’s that evil word!) between two disciplines however I don’t think it is one of those cut-and-paste cases. To make GOOD educational […]