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{ Daily Archives } Sunday, May 2004

In the weird department…

Swearing (Don’t play this one too loud in the workplace) The Simpsons (The Outsourced Version) My Heart Will Go On German dude demands compenstation for lack of sex (SHeesh talk about demanding A LOT from a social welfare system) Thanks to Zongrila for collecting these into one spot

Chinese Word Play

This is very neat. I love Word Play, especially in languages. The original poster describes it as follows: From left to right, top to bottom, the Mandarin pronunciation of the sentence, in hanyu pinyin, is “jin4 shi4 jin4 shi4 jin4 shi4 jin4 shi4.” “jin shi” == in recent times “jin shi” == scholars. (A particular […]

A Basic Arabic Tutorial

I have a passive interest in learning languages. Some of the trickier languages for a native English speaker are Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic do to their different writing systems (I left out a lot). In my search for stuff on the web, most of it has been rather uninspired but this site I stumbled […]