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Mosir: a GIS App in Squeak

Okay, I’m going to try to blog some more stuff that is harder for
non-Japanese speakers to access due to the language barrier… I make
no promises but….

Introducing Mosir a Map
Viewing software built for Squeak.


  • Can read Japanese GSI data
  • Can read USGS GTOPO30 data
  • It’s 3-D
  • Runs on Squeak (Seems to be based on Version 3.2-4956)

I’ll have to admit it’s very neat. According to the author, he originally
wrote Mosir in C++ and OpenGL however the author
had an interest in Squeak so decided
to port it over to Squeak as a way to pick up the language (seems he
didn’t have a lot of knowledge in SmallTalk when he started). The
code is supposedly a mess but at least he has something to show.
If you have any GIS inklings or are a Squeaker, check it out.

Lemme go see it

Kudos to the Squeak-JP Mailing List for the link.

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