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Archive for October 31st, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. It’s probably my favorite holiday (well, maybe, I’ll have to think about whether it really beats spending Thanksgiving in my pajamas, next to the fire, with Tom turkey cooking in the oven!) I love Halloween because its all about the kids. In my opinion, most holidays have become all about the gifts and, I’m sorry, but that just takes all the fun out of it for me.

Not that Halloween can’t get expensive, too. We’re three months in the new house now and I’m told to expect to go through a lot of candy. I bought six bags at BJs (read: ~100 pieces/bag) and have been told that that should cover me for a couple of hours. So, I’m excited! Its been many, many years since I had that many tiny tots ringing my door bell in their precious little costumes!

I will also make a point to walk over to main campus today to see what’s happening over there. I’ve been invited to stop by Copy Tech cause they’re supposed to have lots of candy, too, so I’ll probably stop over and visit with my new found friends. (I spent the last two days wrestling Word tables and Excel docs in order to finalize our budget request and I’m giving myself a break today and no one has to know so don’t tell, okay?)

Today is also Frosty’s “birthday”. Or at least, it was four years ago today that Brian found him and brought him home. The best find he’s EVER had! My precious little guy! Its sort of a special day for Shadow, too, cause he’s such a scaredy cat, that his nick name is Spooky. We certainly don’t have to worry about him spooking any children tonight, though, cause as soon as that door bell rings for the first time, he’ll be off and hiding in the closet! (See? He earned the name!)

So, Happy Halloween to all you kids out there – young and old – have fun!

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