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Archive for October 13th, 2007

Doe, a deer, a female deer

Since we’ve been in the new house, neigbors have been telling us that there is a family of deer that lives in the woods behind us. Last night, we saw them! It appeared to be two fawns that were wandering through the yard looking quite mystified. It was really quite amazing for us!

My first step, of course, was to get online and find out what I could feed the baby deer to be sure they were getting plenty of food (and, selfishly, to see what would keep them coming back!) According to the Mass Audobon, feeding them is not necessarily best for them. Though they will feast on berries and apples, which is what I was planning on feeding them, it says that nature supplies plenty of this for them and, I must say, there is an abundance of berries in our yard. There was an apple, too. Yes, AN apple. Hopefully, they enjoyed that one and next year, more will grow for their pleasure as well!

I went and did my shopping this morning. Again, according to neighbors, this is one of the favorite neighborhoods for trick or treaters – people acutally drive them in! I went and bought six bags at BJs. Geez, they better be right about this prediction or we are going to have a lot of candy to get through!

The plumber is here upgrading some of the heating/hot water stuff (which is probably why I’m actually on this foolish thing on a weekend – you’d be surprised what you can not do without water!). It’s getting cold outside – only 41 degrees in Boston this morning so please keep your fingers crossed for me that all goes well so I can be warm tonight.

Oh, yeah! Did you hear that the Red Sox won last night? Yippee! It was bit nerve wracking to start because our opponents have really.good.pitching but it became evident last night that we have even.better.hitters!!! Hee hee!! Yippee! Hear we go Red Sox, hear we go!

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