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Archive for April 12th, 2005

The Roomba is here! The Roomba is here!

As some of you may know, we recently ordered a Roomba (a robotic vacuum for those that aren’t familiar!) We were much in need of a new vacuum cleaner anyway and we got a deal on one that we just couldn’t refuse!

I have to be honest about this – I’m not sure if I’m more excited about having a vacuum cleaner that does the work itself (I hope!) or the anticipation of seeing how Frosty reacts to it! Due to the fact that he is deaf, the old vac does not bother him. In fact, he thinks it’s his friend! Sneakers, on the other hand, is PETRIFIED of the thing! In fact, she’s afraid of the Swiffer so I can just imagine how she’s going to react!

Well, the Roomba arrived via UPS late yesterday afternoon. We didn’t have the time to get it set up and charged but I’m hoping that hubby is able to get home from work early enough to get it going today!

Oh…. this could be fun! (or maybe not???)

Stay tuned….

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