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Archive for April 15th, 2005

Roomba update

The Roomba is up and running! It really is a funny thing to watch! I haven’t had an opportunity to try out the accessories yet (virtual wall, remote, etc.) but hope to this weekend. It’s nice to be having your house vacuumed while you’re doing other things, though!

As far as the cats – Frosty is still trying to figure the thing out – he just sorta shrinks down and watches the thing go ’round and ’round. Knowing him as I do, though, one of these days he’s just going to pounce on that sucker!

Sneakers, as I suspected, is PETRIFIED of the thing! This should come as no surprise as she’s afraid of her own shadow! Amazing that a cat as jumpy as her is actually a hunter!

Anyway, everyone, enjoy your long weekend (no, I’m not running the marathon Monday!). Sounds like the weather is going to be PERFECT!!!

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