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{ Daily Archives } Tuesday, December 2006

Getting a ruby C extension to compile on Windows Part 2

In a previous post I mentioned how to get the Ruby C extension to compile under Windows using Visual Studio Express/Studio 2005. However, I left out an important part regarding manifests which have been part of the development process in VC++7 and above. Manifests are some XML representation of the bindings and and activation (whatever […]

Wirble: A ruby gem that gives tab-completion + syntax coloring to irb

Ruby Inside has a blog post on an add-on to irb that allows tab-completion and syntax coloring for irb. Way cool! The install instructions are simple as: Install Ruby Gems (You DO have this installed, right?) sudo gem install -y wirble Then add the following to $HOME/.irbrc require ‘rubygems’ require ‘wirble’ Wirble.init Wirble.colorize Then enjoy […]