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{ Daily Archives } Tuesday, July 2006

An interesting Plan 9 Review

Penguin Pete took a whirlwind test drive of Plan 9 and posted a review here. I found his review quite informative and I learned a bit from his travails trying to get the hang of Plan 9. One thing that was disappointing was reading his comments. It seems there are some people who have to […]

An expat’s view of life in Vietnam

Here’s one expat’s impressions after spending a year in Vietnam. He compares it to life in China… In China, the most common observations were: No one speaks Chinese to foreigners No such thing as lining up Spitting Read it yourself

Amusing Quotes on Microsoft stuff

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Microsoft’s Outlook email client (historically, the world’s flypaper of security bugs) -Jeffrey Friedl Read it yourself

A humorous summary on Blu-Ray versus HD DVD

If you are one of those waiting to get onto the HD bandwagon I’m sure you’re now wondering which format will win out. Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. I have no answers but has a rather tongue-in-cheek breakdown on the format wars My personal opinion? Stay away until the dust clears if you can live without […]

The mubot

This looks very cool If the picture doesn’t seem clear, it’s a little robot that acts as a portable mini speaker for your music devices Thanks to Gizmodo for digging this up from Quick Journal.