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An interesting Plan 9 Review

Penguin Pete took a whirlwind test drive of Plan 9 and posted a review

here. I found his review quite

informative and I learned a bit from his travails trying to get the hang of

Plan 9. One thing that was disappointing was reading his comments. It

seems there are some people who have to flaunt their knowledge…

Your list of downsides demonstrates you ignorance. Start by learning what the Send menu option is for (middle click in Acme win does th same). And learn to use ^F and the ” and “” scripts. Reading the man pages before making clueless claims due to not knowing how the system is a bad idea.

While I can understand the viewpoint of the nasty commentor to some extent.

It is that type of attitude that can easily turn me off. If you

look at it from the person trying to step into something new…

it is hard enough slipping out of

some well-worn shoes to try out those new fangled sneakers without being

ridiculed for it. (No good deed goes unpunished?)

I don’t find it acceptable behavior to being snapping at someone when

they honestly don’t know and are not trying to be malicious. However

there are times when I would snap. Here are couple of situations

where I would:

  • It’s pretty obvious they are trying to slander X
  • They have been repeatedly told the SAME thing over and over and REFUSE

    to follow said advice and continue to complain.

Read the review yourself.

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