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{ Daily Archives } Saturday, December 2005

New free fonts for Vietnamese Nom characters

For all 20 of the people on the planet probably interested in this… Two new fonts have been announced by the Institute of Vietnamese Studies in California for Vietnamese Nom characters. Of particular interest is that these free fonts between them also cover the CJK-A and CJK-B extensions to Unicode. (First seen on Unihan mailing […] – A Chinese ruleset for SpamAssassin

This puts to rest some of my complaints on how SpamAssasin deals with spam in Chinese. is a third party drop-in custom rule set for SpamAssassin to catch spam written in Chinese. Due to there is no rule for Chinese mail before, SpamAssassin can not catch Chinese spam effectively. is the first rule […]

A better way to run Postgresql on Windows

Under Windows, trying to get Postgresql has been a tricky thing for some time. At one point you definitely needed cygwin before it would run correctly but it seems there are now native binaries at last. And even better a nice cross platform GUI tool for working with Postgresql is called PGadmin. It also includes […]

NLP techniques applied to Vietnamese

I’ve been getting interested in computational linguistics lately and have been trying to read up on the fundamentals. It’s been quite a bit of probability which I’m not sure I really understand that well but I imagine it’ll get easier to understand if I work with it a bit more. Most of the examples in […]

Postgresql on cygwin giving you bad system call?

You’ve probably done the whole song and dance of getting the cygrunserver and postgresql just gives you the bad system call and no love? Like me and the article I link to…. you probably forgot to set the CYGWIN env variable to server export CYGWIN=server Thanks Mr Schneider!