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{ Monthly Archives } November 2004

Some thoughts on Dying languages

Another kudos to No Sword for a great post on dying human languages of today. If I ever meet up with you, I should buy you a beer and see what else is lurking in your head. Here’s some tidbits: Learning a language isn’t like checking tuna cans for the smiling dolphin symbol. It takes […]

The ‘True’ Spirit of Japan

This post is right on the mark: The True Spirit of Japan! Oh, people love that phrase, they adore it. You know why? Because it’s so convenient. … Really, this attitude stems from a very narrow cultural viewpoint: Japan is different from America! … Don’t get me wrong, now, I’m not trying to say that […]

If the Romans or Ancient Greeks could rap…

Dug this up from A Geek in Korea’s forums De clunibus magnis amandis oratio Mixaloti equitis mehercle! (By Hercules!) Rebecca, ecce! tantae clunes isti sunt! (Rebecca, behold! Such large buttocks she has!) … Yes, that is Baby got Back… in Latin. If you want even more pain try the Greek version. Kudos to Torgo aka […]

The Tale of Zero

A friend of mine asked me about the history of Zero which led me to the Wikipedia entry on Zero which led me to a Professor’s page on the discussion of zero and why division by zero is undefined. Something that should be taught in grade schools but is probably forgotten by many many people […]

Photocapacitor aka solar cell and battery combined

This might be useful. A Japanese reseacher has managed to combine a solar cell and a battery into one structure. They dub it the photocapacitor. Seems currently that the charging voltage and the charging-discharge capacity need to be increased to be useful at a practical level. We can translate that as, “it works, but it […]

Right on


Need language sk1llz? Just hook me up to the power generator!

Nature is reporting a study where a researcher is putting a very small volt across a certain part of the brain and measuring the ability of people to recall a series of words. It seems it does help them with their language skills but call me skeptical. I’m sure all the futurists will be dreaming […]

Euclid’s Elements

Thanks to the hard work of Prof. David Joyce, a Professor in Math at Clark University there is a translation of Euclid’s Elements that one can freely access on the web. I do not consider myself a very strong person in Geometry and was delighted to find this on the web to help review these […]

The media and the reality

This is such a cool picture taken in the Korean subway. Excellent contrast of the idealized gal and the ones you see everyday: Read more from Seoul Selection on Everday Koreans

Dave Spector: Another Famous Gaijin on Japanese TV

When I first started learning a little bit about more Japanese and had a chance to watch some Japanese TV I saw some glimpses of Dave Spector awhile ago however I never picked up his name. I finally managed to pick it up after seeing him on TV with his name plastered in one of […]

Tales of Sin

Man, porn store clerks have some of the goofiest stories to tell. Then again working in a place like that is definitely not usually the place where you get a higher proportion of ‘normal’ people as customers. Read it yourself