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{ Daily Archives } Thursday, November 2004

Chinese Internet Acronyms

Read it yourself

A trek through text-based games with a foul tongue

If you’re old enough to remember the text adventure game then you probably eventually at one point decided to enter in profanity into the game to see what happened. Here’s a gallery of some of the responses those games would give you. Seems the earlier developers did put some anticipation of foul language in their […]

Computer overusage bad for your eyes

Well, it is about time a study finally hints that overusge of computers can lead to eye problems. I’ve always suspected it but the doctors have always been telling me otherwise. Guess, I need to start being more careful in front of the computer. Read it yourself

Pacman VR

Pacman VR! Now you can live the fever with lots of hi-tech augmented gadgets. And as Pac Man you can communicate with people over the net to give you navigational help. Why, all I need now is a rocket launcher… Read it yourself