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{ Daily Archives } Sunday, November 2004

Vietnam is advancing as a nation, shhyeah right

The UK news.telegraph has a story about Miss Vietnam becoming the target of a kidnapping. The reason being that she was about to go to England to study on a scholarship. That’s really pathetic. One thing that is definitely necessary to increase economic output is a good supply of WELL EDUCATED people that can be […]

Some thoughts on Dying languages

Another kudos to No Sword for a great post on dying human languages of today. If I ever meet up with you, I should buy you a beer and see what else is lurking in your head. Here’s some tidbits: Learning a language isn’t like checking tuna cans for the smiling dolphin symbol. It takes […]

The ‘True’ Spirit of Japan

This post is right on the mark: The True Spirit of Japan! Oh, people love that phrase, they adore it. You know why? Because it’s so convenient. … Really, this attitude stems from a very narrow cultural viewpoint: Japan is different from America! … Don’t get me wrong, now, I’m not trying to say that […]