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{ Daily Archives } Wednesday, August 2004

Online Principles and the online world

Freedom to Tinker has a post on Online Principles. While it is interesting to see people throw up proposals for what people should do. I’m skeptical. However, there was an excellent comment from Hal regarding the online world. I am quoting it below since it is so good it can stand on its own. I […]

Odds are Prime

The phrase, “Odd numbers are prime” is quite amusing if we look at it from a viewpoint of polysemy. The following link shows some other ways to look at it from a linguist standpoint. A Linguist’s look at odds are prime

Do you IMDB?

LA Weekly has a great article on IMDB and the story of how it got started. IMDB is a subsidiary of the empire known as but is allowed to run independently. One would like to think that IMDB sprang from nowhere however it took 5 years before they started going commercial. That’s 5 years […]

It’s a big ask

Language Log talks about the usage of ask as a noun. I didn’t realize that ask could be used as a noun myself. It feels weird to hear it but supposedly Kerry used it in a speech during a campaign in Missouri. Here’s the excerpt: I’m asking you to trust our nation, our history, the […]