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Slashdot Q&A session with Indian Techies

Seems Slashdot interviewed a bunchof
Indian techies and posted up their thoughts on India.

There has been piles of articles that I’ve read regarding outsourcing
however most of it has been from the American side. THere have been
a few articles from Indians but most of them seem to have the corporate
veneer painted on the responses which makes it really hard to take
it that seriously. The American sideded ones have been thoughtful
however many of them truly lack any understanding of Indian culture
from the inside and it tells. How can I say that? Try spending time
abroad for longer than a vacation and you’ll start seeing things beneath
the veneer that you can only see as a tourist. There is no quick an
easy way to build a deeper understanding of a foreign country from the
outside. No matter HOW many books, stats, and facts you dig up.

From my vantage point, I know very little of Indian culture and how
this IT offshoring/outsourcing plays in a larger role of things except

This Q&A session has been the useful for me as there are lots of daily life
questions salaries ranges, lifestyles, how much is the cost of living
and other things that you can relate to your own life (I hope).
This is really important as it puts the Indian offshoring “issue” into a
larger perspective.

One of the things to ponder deeper is the money issue that pops up in the
Q&A. It seems that most of this boom is coming from outside foreign
sources which makes this economy very fragile in case those funding
sources dry up. It seems this is understood and many thoughts on how
to deal with this come to the foreground but nothing definitive.
However, considering having NO income versus getting shaky funding from
foreign sources. The foreign sources is infinitively better and at
least allows bootstrapping an industry rather than keeping it in
permanent incubation.

Go read it yourself

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