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What’s the point of DotGNU and Mono?

The Register comments on DotGNU and Mono. Personally, I’ve been ignoring
any of the Open Source .NET projects until they hit 1.0. And even then
I’m going to wait until some killer app convinces me I need to install
any of these frameworks just to try that app. In the meantime, I’ve
not seen anything out of the projects that looks remotely useful for
me as a programmer.

I am
impressed with Miguel and buddies technical prowess at building this
stuff from the ground up. I fully agree with The Register article.
By the time Mono or DotGNU get around to implementing all of the stuff that will
be USEFUL to OTHER programmers Microsoft will have moved on to the next
project built on top of other building blocks that they’re building NOW.

Mono and dotGNU are interesting projects for people who are interested in computer languages, compiler construction and other fairly esoteric, hard-core areas of software engineering. But they have no practical use, and exist only with the patronage of Microsoft.

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