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{ Daily Archives } Thursday, March 2004

DARPA Grand Challenge Updates

Looks like the Grand Challenge is finally under way. I’m still cheering for the RPI Team (Team LoGHIQ) to do their best and kick some butt. They’re still up for the QIDs (Qualification, Inspection, and Demonstration) sometime soon. So if you’re cheering for underdogs here’s one to cheer for. Seems the Red Team which is […]

A peek into Harvard Business School’s Tenure Process

Michael Watkins gives an illuminating description of his tenure process (which ultimately resulted in a nay) at the Harvard Business School. Mr. Watkins also gives some thoughts on why he feels HBS might be creaking at the seams: To what extent are business schools producing insights of use to practicing manager? Is the investment that […]

What does a start of the art ISP look like?

Now you know

MySQL on OS X, let me count the ways to get it

I was looking at installing MySQL on OS X and I was bouncing between either fink, source compile myself, find some random person’s installer on the Internet when lo’ an behold: MySQL Corp offers downloads of binary packages for OS X. I’d like to think that the company that hosts this project would know how […]