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{ Daily Archives } Tuesday, March 2004

DocBook versus LateX

I’ve been struggling to figure out whether to use DocBook or LaTeX. So far I still can’t make up my mind but this discussion that I saw online brought up some interesting issues with DocBook versus LateX. Link to discussion

ESR and the rally cry to fix CUPS / Open Source Usability (It’s hard… duh)

I’ve been passively reading the Eric Raymond and the online discussion from hisgriping about trying to get printing working under CUPS. Ted Leung mentions he had similar issues with configuring CUPs. I got CUPS working awhile back but I still only scratched the surface of really understanding how it works. (And I did read most […]

FreeBSD to Knoppix, Eat my Shorts (Or meet FreeSBIE)

Utterly cool. I really like Knoppix. It’s a great way to show Linux without destroying computers. But this is better since I’m a BSD person. The FreeSBIE project is proud to announce the release of FreeSBIE-1.0-i386.iso FreeSBIE is a bootable CD with the FreeBSD operating system and a collection of software to address the needs […]