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Why arguing about Smalltalk doesn’t matter

I’ve been following the blog thread regarding Why People Don’t Get SmallTalk and the ensuing responses and counter-responses. Ian Bicking offers his thoughts on what’s missing in Smalltalk (First post, second post). The brought up an ensuing discussion on Ian’s own blog (go check the comments in his posts) and a couple of other blogs:

Patrick Logan’s thoughts

Smalltalk with Rants

So like a typical geek I spent some time thinking about a response. I was going
to put in this absolutely breathtaking no holds-barred response to all of these people
but then I figured why bother. So I leave you with this parable on why I’m not bothering. And this other parable on why the whole thing doesn’t really matter to me.

The post that started it all

Ian’s First response to the post (Check the comments and linkbacks for responses to him)

Why I’m not bothering to write some earth-shattering response

Why it doesn’t matter

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