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A really good nitch for OpenOffice (DocBook exporter)

OpenOffice has gotten a decent following.   I’ll admit it’s a
pretty impressive project to take on Microsoft Office.  However,
I’m not that interested in Office of any kind. 

However, I have been looking into DocBook and LaTeX for documenting
structured documents that I would like to write.  However, both
are just formats and the toolchain to get DocBook and LaTeX to do
something is very large and complicated.  It makes me want to go
back to a Word Processor since the paradigm is very well understood and
I can live with some of the misgivings.  What would be nice is a
combination of the ease of use of a Word Procesor combined with the
ability to dump to a structured text format. 

And OpenOffice has been slowly moving towards that end.

An OpenOffice to DocBook Tutorial

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