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{ Daily Archives } Friday, July 2003

Growing into and out of technology?

I’ve posted some thoughts on “Growing Into and Out of Technology”. Interesting trends. Some people that get technical burn out or just don’t want to deal with certain aspects of it. My first reaction was to respond ‘You are copping out’. However, on reflection I shouldn’t say much since I really don’t want to know […]

Cripes! WindowServer just crashed

Sheesh. The WindowServer just bit the dust on my PowerBook. That was the weirdest experience. I wonder how many other people have watched their WindowServer die on them. First, I’m typing then I see the little swirling circle at the bottom of the screen as if the computer is about to reboot. Then the screen […]

Amusing CorporateSpeak stupidity

I have to agree with the poster of this link. The word ‘rightsizing’ in regards to cutting down numbers of employees at a corporation is really amusing. If you ask me rightsizing would be something like closing the salary gap between the absolute top management and the lowest paid employee. But that’s just my opinion.

JPL Solar System Simulator

Seems JPL has a Solar System Simulator Website. Some of the pictures in the Art Section are really neat. I’ll have to spend more time exploring the site. Kudos “Celsius1414” for pointing the link out!