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Growing into and out of technology?

I’ve posted some thoughts on “Growing Into and Out of Technology”. Interesting trends. Some people that get technical burn out or just don’t want to deal with certain aspects of it. My first reaction was to respond ‘You are copping out’. However, on reflection I shouldn’t say much since I really don’t want to know how:

  • All the nitty gritties of how my car works. I just want it to get me somewhere
  • All the particular details and myriad of possibilities into finance. I just want to make sure I’m not in debt.
  • All the details and interactions for how a seedless watermelon is grown. I just want to enjoy eating it and know it’s not poisonous

There’s a lot to know in this world. Sometimes you can only focus on some parts of it. So perhaps the people that got burnt out have a point. They want to be doing other things with their computers, not doing things to the computer so they can just have a running computer system.

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