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Archive for December 17th, 2010

Just call me crazy

Whatever would possess a couple to decide to start their kitchen remodel just a few weeks before Christmas??? Even though I’m one half of that couple, I do not have an answer for you!

We knew we wanted to remodel and we knew we wanted it to be a winter project. Suddenly, it was November and we were all “Holy crap! Don’t blink or winter’s gonna be over! We better start this now!!!!!”

Sounded pretty good at the time. Course, we’ve never remodeled a kitchen before so had no idea how many decisions we’d have to make. And pressure??? Well, you’re probably thinking “No big deal – just put it off, get through the holidays, then proceed!” WRONG. Unless, of course, we don’t need that 10% off the cabinets that they’re offering until December 24th.

But its okay. No, really. I’ll breath again soon. December 25th is looking like a good day for that.

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