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Archive for June 23rd, 2009


I was peeking through my photos and ran across some I’d taken somewhere along the line, when it actually wasn’t raining around here. From the dates on them, that would have been this spring, even though it feels to me like it has been raining since the time it stopped snowing.

I started at one corner of our yard taking pictures of all the pretty stuff that was popping up. My plan was to go around the entire yard but I only got about a quarter of the way when I had to stop. I don’t remember why. My guess? It started raining.

Here’s what I got, though. This is the ornamental grass along the driveway:


Our first spring at the house, I decided to chop this down to give it a new chance to bloom. That’s when I got poison ivy. I cut it down again this year, but with a long sleeve top and gloves on. I didn’t get poison ivy and its growing like crazy!

This is some more ornamental grass:


I don’t remember these beautiful yellow flowers last year so I’m guessing that I missed it, didn’t cut it back and it felt neglected. Its just wonderful with its bright yellow flowers this year!

These little yellow flowers are along the border of our property. For all I know, they’re weeds but, hey, they’re still pretty!


We also have ferns along the border:


This pretty white and pink flower is at the end of the driveway. Its the only one that bloomed this year but it sure is pretty!


That’s as far as I got. Rumor has it that we might actually see some sunshine this weekend and if that’s true, I’ll continue throughout the yard. At this point, a lot of the flowering trees have lost their flowers, but I’ll see what I can come up with!

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