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Archive for January 29th, 2009


It wins every time, doesn’t it?

I am in week four of trying to behave when it comes to eating habits but damn it – temptation wins out every time. Did I really need the Caramello bar that I just inhaled??? Did I even want it??? NO, but hey – its to help out the youth basketball league so who can say “No”???

And then there’s that cute little Girl Scout who rang the doorbell that I ordered three boxes of cookies from. Could I have ordered one or two? Of course but they, too, were for a good cause so why not.

And could I help it when an hour later, two more Girl Scouts showed up on my doorstep selling cookies, that I had to buy even more? “You’re the second ones to ring my bell today,” I said, “so I’m only going to buy one more box.” “Okay,” they said, “thank you.” Then I proceeded to order two more boxes because, hey, they were out their on this bitter cold winter day just trying to raise money for a good cause.

Fortunately, I have not yet reached this point:

Fat cat

Poor Winston! (no, that’s not my cat but at the rate Shadow’s going, he best learn to beat temptation, too!)

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