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Archive for November 1st, 2007

THAT was fun!

Halloween was awesome! Though we did not go through the six bags of candy our neighbor had suggested we would, I would have to say we had at least 70 kids! I haven’t seen 70 kids trick or treating since I was a kid! It was amazing. Hubby’s pretty sure I was having more fun than they were!

It also brought back memories of my childhood! I so clearly remember how anxious I would always be on Halloween. I could not wait to get out there trick or treating. Course, mom insisted that we had to wait for dad to get home from work, relax a bit, have dinner and then we could go out. Oh, how I hated waiting!

Then I remember when I was a little older and I was going trick or treating at my friend Andrea’s house WITHOUT parents. Joan was going with us, too, and a really funny thing happened. We were good kids – maybe a bit mischievous – but good kids overall. Joan decided that she was going to be “cool” on that Halloween and she took an egg (yes, one) out of her refrigerator and hid it in her coat pocket before her parents drove her over. Well, she was so excited about our all going trick or treating together that, when she got there, she whipped her jacket onto the radiator cover in the hallway and guess what!?!?!?!? Said egg smashed inside her pocket. Can you say “bagged”??? LOL!

Then there’s Halloween eve twenty seven years ago when hubby and I were set up on a blind date. Can you guess where we went? A haunted house! Of course! To this day we still joke that we’re still blind and haunted!

So now its all over but I still have lots of candy to share with folks so come on by and say “hello” over some yummy chocolate!

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