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Archive for June 26th, 2007

Town government and the media suck and stuff

My apologies in advance if this title offends anyone but read on and I’ll explain.

In the first four days that our house was listed, we had six showings. That’s really good, especially if you consider that someone Brian works with knows someone that had their house on for five weeks and had only one showing. Things since have slowed down, but that’s only to be expected.

Now, my gripe with town government and the media. Last week, my town voted down an override. It appears that the citizens overwhelmingly believe that we are giving the government enough money and that they need to better manage it. Well, one of these selectman must have been upset because they “lost” and they leaked to the media that all sports would be cut from the town. Come on! Just one more scare tactic that hasn’t worked/happened in the past and is not likely to work/happen in the future.

This morning, it only got better. On the radio on the way in to work, I heard that the town selectman are considering implementing a $160/year/household trash fee which might make it possible to continue school sports. I’ve got news for you. I’ve been paying a $160 trash fee for at least the last year. A trash fee that the voters voted down because they believe that we are giving the government enough money and that they need to better manage it. The selectmen, however, overrode that vote and implemented it anyway.

That selectman that talked to the media, in my opinion, is a fool. Why would you leak something like that to the media when it hasn’t even been brought to the table? What does that say about “your” town? That’s the way to attract new residents/businesses to your town therefore increasing income for the town. Dope.

Media folks just suck. There really should be some accountability on these folks. If you’re going to publish/announce a story, at least get the facts straight first.

Ahhhh…. I feel better. Thank you.

(Brief update on house searching. I’ve learned that it takes going out there and looking at houses to make you appreciate how good you really have it. Though we’ve seen the one house that we really like, nothing else has been appealing to me because hubby has made my house so beautiful over the years! Oh, what to do? What to do?)

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