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Archive for December 20th, 2006

The plant that makes me feel old

Yes, you’re reading correctly.  I have a plant that actually makes me feel old:

That plant was actually given to me by a childhood friend.  Without giving too much away, that means that that plant is 30+ years old.  How can that be?

This picture actually doesn’t do it any justice.  It’s actually much bigger than it appears.  The picture wasn’t taken to show off the plant, it was actually taken to show the color of the walls.  A coworker and I were discussing wall colors and her living room is a dark hunter green and her bedroom is a very deep maroon.  Another coworker piped in that her kitchen is the same bright red that is in our new office.

I tend to go with pastels.  My bedroom is a pretty mauve:

And my living room/dining room/hallway are a very pale yellow.  I hope to have a peach bathroom soon and sometime thereafter, a baby blue kitchen.  I think I just find light colors to be more relaxing and after the insanity of any given day in my life, relaxing when I arrive home is just right!

So, how about you?  Do you prefer dark colors or light?  Why?

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