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Archive for August 3rd, 2006

How cute is that???

I could see that Frosty and Shadow were really learning to love each other since they’ve been running, chasing, wrestling, destroying my house, etc.  for some time now.  Last night, though, just put the icing on the cake!  I noticed Frosty laying in the dining room with Shadow sprawled out across him in what appeared to be a typical wrestling move.  However, upon closer inspection, Shadow was not nibbling at him, she was WASHING him!  Yup!  Licking around his neck, his ears and so forth.  And he was just laying there as if to say “Yes, I am king.  You, my servant, shall wash my ears!”

So, I ask you – how cute is that???

I did manage to get a couple snapshots of Shadow and am hopefully going to pick up a “still” digital camera over the next couple days.  Next week is vacation (yay!) so I will try to get some good shots of her/them and I’ll post them when I return.

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