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Archive for March 7th, 2006


Yup.  That sums it up.  That’s why I haven’t been here.  It’s been… well, quiet!

I suppose a little’s been going on!  I did strip wallpaper in the bathroom over the weekend but still have to finish getting the glue off the walls.  You may recall that we just wallpapered this room not that long ago but I was never happy with the way the room came out so we’re stripping the walls of all paper and glue and will come back with paint.  I don’t know what color yet.  My graphic designer friends tell me I should find a shower curtain that I really, really like and choose a paint color from there and I do believe I’ll be taking that advice!

I’m still feeling pretty yucky, unfortunately.  Talked with the PC’s office today and we’re going to try one more medicine (they’re going to give me a 2 week sample so I don’t have to purchase another prescription only to find it doesn’t help) otherwise, I’m going to have to have another visit with the GI guy.  Although I’ve changed some of my eating and “lifestyle” habits, I know that there are other things I could probably do but, come on, do I have to give up all of life’s pleasures???  Oh, well, fingers, toes and eyes are crossed that this new one will help!

On a happier note – my friend Stacy just came in to work with her 3 month old  baby boy, Sam.  He is just as cute as a button!  He’s got the sweetest blue eyes and the most precious little smile and cheeks that you just want to bite!

Here….  see for yourself….

that?   Well, it’s…. quiet.  Although I guess quiet is good.  Okay.  I’ll take quiet!

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