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{ Daily Archives } Saturday, April 2006

How NOT to design an embedded NTP Client

A number of D-Link products, so far I have at least identified DI-604, DI-614+, DI-624, DI-754, DI-764, DI-774, DI-784, VDI604 and VDI624, contain a list of NTP servers in their firmware and using some sort of algorithm, they pick one and send packets to it. … The correct way, as I have pointed out to […]

Try a lighter desktop on your Ubuntu install

How to get Fluxbox on your Ubuntu install Summary: Current Ubuntu has an ‘ancient’ (Read: I MUST HAVE LATEST AND GREATEST) version of fluxbox You need to install some extra tools (build-essential checkinstall xlibs-dev) for this howto. Checkinstall looks very useful for people who install from source then realize they need to erase it. Do […]