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The Asian Glance-Over

Been sifting through some more Asian blogs again. How come I can’t find anyone
blogging their experiences learning Vietnamese? I guess I’ll start sooner
or later to blog those experiences. Anyways, I present to you the
concept known as the
The Asian Glance-Over
. I never really thought about this but I realize
I do it a lot (well in the U.S.) until I came to Japan. Here I get to
do the opposite and do The NON-Asian Glance-Over.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Asian Glance-Over. I somehow always thought it might be an exclusively Asian-American thing. Since we’re used to not seeing many Asians. But when I went to MU, even when I walked past Asians that were clearly exchange students, they’d give me the Glance-Over, too. I was shocked. Shocked! Offended even! Thru my mind, I was saying to myself, “You got the nerve to come to my country and give me the Glance-Over? Aw, heeeell no.”

Read it yourself.
Thanks to Eddie for
pointing out one of those Asian (American) habits that I do but
never think about.

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