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Two different views from Vietnamese-Americans on the net

I’m always curious about the Asian-american experience (being one myself).
I stumbled across two different websites of Vietnamese-Americans that
have viewed a different websites of Vietnamese-Americans that have
put their experiences on the web. I found both interesting to read.
It’s also great that the web has become an excellent source of information
for finding information like this. Traditionally you either had to spend
lots and lots of time in an academic library digging up some rather dry
reading on multiculturalism issues or scan through the bookstore and get the
latest “My Experience” book.

One of them seems to have experienced more outright racism in his
experiences in the U.S. Although the U.S. has made a bit of progress
in trying to deal with multi-culturalism it is interesting to read other
people’s stories to keep in mind that acceptance among many different
types of people takes a long time. C.N. Le (call him Dr. now he just got
his PhD w00t!) also set up a website called
Asian Nation
which looks like an invaluable resource for topics on
Asian-americans for the curious.

Check out Tuan Tran’s website
Check out Cuong Nguyen Le’s website
Check out Asian Nation

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