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I can’t get no satisfying manpages

It seems that with most default UNIX-like installations outside of FreeBSD just include craptastic manpages.

This really puts a dent in RTFM. In Linux-land this has been a serious PITA for years (Yes, I know how to hunt around for the packages to install the manpages in Redhat-ish and Debian lang but it is still an irritation). It seems my forays with OpenSolaris mirror the fun of Linux. Ah well..

$  man ps
Reformatting page.  Please Wait... done

Miscellaneous                                          missing(x)

     missing - Missing Manual Page

     Unfortunately, this OpenSolaris Developer Preview  does  not
     include  the  manual  page you are looking for.  We're sorry
     and hope to improve upon this situation in future releases.

     Online versions  of  many  manual  pages  are  available  at

SunOS 5.11            Last change: 07/10/25 
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