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Converting OGG to Mp3 en masse (Win32)

As much as I find the Ogg Vorbis codec
very cool for its lack of any encumbering by patents, copyrights, or
other IP minefields the practicality of using it as a standard format
across multiple systems has been impractical for me (need to load
Ogg Vorbis plugin into
all instances of iTunes I use, my mp3 player(s)
don’t support Ogg Vorbis, etc. etc).

Luckily, my ears are quite insensitive to lossy audio formats so the whole
argument on audio fidelity falls on deaf ears for me.
So, I usually convert everything to mp3 and let it stand.

Anyways this creates the problem of converting [Format X] -> Mp3 so
I’m always looking for tools. With UNIX it’s rather easy. Find a CLI
utility and write a shell script to automate the process. However on
Windows I want a GUI. After a bit of searching I found that
CDex is an excellent
freeware utility that can convert Oggs to Mp3 en masse. I just
tried it out and it worked as well as I hoped. The ID tags unfortunately
didn’t seem to get translated unfortunately. Either way kudos to

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